ASM Environmental, LLC

ASM Environmental, LLC has been a leader in eastern Pennsylvania’s commercial and industrial building maintenance for over thirty years. We specialize in providing daily housekeeping services as well as construction site maintenance and post-construction cleaning services. ASM Environmental team members are trained to employ the latest technology with environmentally green cleaners and new procedures available today. A wide scope of our valued customers we provide maintenance for operate LEED-managed buildings. Our experience in dry ice blasting and green building maintenance qualifies ASM Environmental to accommodate any job in the region.

What makes our process different?

We clean with recycled CO2, involving no water, abrasive compounds or chemicals. This process, called dry ice blasting, is non-abrasive and does not erode the surface being cleaned. There is no additional waste, water or sand to clean up following the cleaning process. Dry ice, a CO2 substance, is non-conductive to electrical components, making it the ideal safe material to use while motors, compressors and food processing equipment are in operation. Mold, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens can be removed and killed in one sweep of our system.

ASM Environmental prides itself on providing the highest quality cleaning and maintenance services in the region. Our client-first philosophy makes every project an example of distinguished work and friendly service. We encourage you to reach out to us via our web form or call us today at 866-892-1784.

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