Log Homes Restoration

In log homesorder to properly restore a log home, the exterior must be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and stained. Cleaning with dry ice has many benefits:

  • Reduce cleaning time
  • No moisture added to wood
  • No damage to wood

Dry ice blasting offers log home exteriors the brilliant but rustic look they deserve without the old grime and dirt. We offer efficient cleaning of:

  • Old Stains
  • Exterior Dirt
  • Exterior Mold
  • Pine Surfaces
  • Fir Surfaces
  • Cedar Surfaces
  • Teak Surfaces

Restoring Your Log Home with Dry Ice

Log home exterior stain will eventually begin to peel and become layered with dirt and mold. In order to properly apply a new layer of stain, the exterior surface must be cleaned. If the surface is not cleaned thoroughly to remove all contaminants, the new layer of stain and sealant will not adhere correctly and will not last long term. Dry ice blasting is the perfect cleaning solution because it does not damage the wood surface or introduce moisture to the wood. Dry ice cleaning is quicker and more efficient than traditional methods such as sanding, chemical stripping and pressure washing.

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