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Contract cleaners worldwide tackle a multitude of cleaning applications. The time efficiency and cleaning effectiveness of dry ice blast cleaning enables them to grow their business and increase profit.

ASM Environmental’s contract cleaning customers find success with their dry ice blasting system in the printing, utility, plastics and general manufacturing industries as well as in historical restoration and disaster (smoke, fire, water) remediation. The contractor no longer has to spend countless man-hours sanding, scraping or scrubbing with solvents. In addition, there is no secondary waste, allowing additional time and clean-up cost savings.

ASM Environmental’s contract cleaning customers are able to take on more projects and increase profits because of the reliability and speed dry ice blasting systems provide. Our dry ice blasting systems not only save on cleaning time, but also allow the contractor to save money as they use less ice and air than any other blasting system on the market.

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magic of dry ice


Automotive companies cut their mold-buildup cleaning costs by as much as $50,000 per year. Dry Ice Blasting can optimize equipment performance and increase productivity in the automotive industry.

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Food Processing

For food processors, dry ice blasting has been documented by the Food Standards Agency to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

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Industrial Equipment

Our certified staff of trained technicians will use dry ice blasting technology to remove years of chemical and contaminant residue. We can restore your equipment to like new condition, all while creating no secondary waste or water to clean up and dispose of.

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Log Homes Restoration

In order to properly restore a log home, the exterior must be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and stained.

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Power Generation

We pride ourselves on dry ice blasting that results in a non-conductive, environmentally-responsible cleaning process that allows equipment to be cleaned in-place and without cool down disassembly.

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Dry ice blasting can optimize equipment performance and increase productivity in the printing industry. Cleaning with dry ice can dramatically shorten cleaning times, reduce scrap rates and restore print quality.

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